Perfect timing?

I have very few ongoing gardening details to report, since there's been so much rain. Must thank my garden for accepting all this rain and draining it down into the aquifers. But today I sneaked in some good work, displaying perfect timing. Worked for two and a half hours raking and trimming the back lawn garden which approaches the Pond Paddock.

 This lawn needed raking.
Leaves on the Lawn

Felt like a break, wandered inside. Beep beep! The bread in the bread maker was just done. Looked outside. Splatter, splatter. The rain, forecast for this afternoon, had just arrived.

 A very senior dog!
Escher the Brown Dog

Soggy bread, soggy garden...

Perhaps could mention that the bread was super soggy (Like my garden, hee hee) - possibly because I randomly tipped a hefty amount of oat bran into the mix. So it will have to go into the oven for a top up. Oh well. I'm OK with soggy bread, but my visitors (arriving shortly) may not be. Right. I need to go back outside and pick up all my tools, then bring a load of firewood over to the house.

Should explain that the photograph on this page has nothing to do with soggy bread or soggy gardens. It's big brown Escher, who is aging spectacularly, particularly his white dog-eyebrows. Escher used to live with us, and is now very much a senior dog. Darling brown dog - well, he used to be completely brown.

Wednesday 20th July

No gardening possible, but not because of rain. Today I went to five music rehearsals. FIVE!!!! One, two, three, four, and five. Started the day with Bach, ended the day with Vittoria, with soma piano accompanying and a lot of blues and jazz thrown in between. Intensive stuff - went to bed with a very noisy head.

Thursday 21st July

Oh joy. More days of rain. More puddles, and a huge mound of stuff to be burnt which is as soggy as that oat bran bread. So there will be no gardening today. Some breadmaking (might check out the recipe). Some music writing for my Jazz Choir ('Cheek to Cheek' is the tune de jour).