Another wee list...

Allow me to present another wee list entitled 'Things I Am So Glad That I Did'. Such lists are a good balance for the 'Oops Why Oh Why did I Plant That?' ones, of which I have quite a few.

 Maybe I should not have planted this?
  1. I am so glad that I bothered to scoop up self-seeded foxgloves out of the driveway and plant them in the garden. I adore them.
  2. I am so glad that I have the generosity and simplicity of spirit to grow once-flowering roses. Again, I adore them.
  3. I am so glad I take in unwanted roses, plant them, and then give them eighteen months at least to recover and show me what they do. Wow. Some amazing newbies are flowering for the first time now.

Two big jazz choir singing gigs this weekend. So groovy! So do I feel like going for a morning swim? Hardly slept, busy in my head musically arranging songs for next year. Want to do Charlie Parker's Ornothology. Remind me what that word means? Something about birds? Yes.

 By the house.
Blue Geraniums

Monday 27th November

So I am back from a weekend of wonderful singing and a morning playing Jingle Bells with my teacher friend's small people's orchestra. And I have been super productive in the Hump Garden. So far, so good, but I've left absolutely all my mess all over the path.

Much later...

Aha! I cleared my mess, flinging it over the garden towards the Leyland shelter hedge at the bottom. Then I barrowed in and dumped loads of forget-me-nots mixed with horse manure, to build up the sloping soil. Dug out Alkanet and Campion, as before. Took ages. Everything I do takes ages these days. But it's oh so enjoyable, since I do my weeding sitting down (it can take me ages to stand up again, hee hee).

Tuesday 28th November

I have pulled out all the forget-me-nots from the Herb Spiral and dumped them in the lower Hump Garden. Am now wondering what else I could grow in the spiral's gaps. Herbs, perhaps? I still have some vouchers to spend (keep on planning what to buy, writing lists, and then forgetting all about it).

Spent some time photographing more of the roses. Some are later to flower, while others (like the white Icebergs) often get missed out in favour of those that are more colourful. It's a very rosy garden at the moment.

 With white flowering Lychnis.
White Iceberg Roses

And now - oh joy! The southerly has arrived, the temperatures are dropping, and rain is steadily falling. Yeay! Thank you very much, says my garden.