Welcome days...

Some days I am a so-so gardener. Some days I am just slack. And then some days I am absolutely fired-up, committed, and I keep on going. If it's too sunny, I just move to a shady place. I garden with my heart and soul, giving one hundred percent. Yeay for these days! They are so welcome.

 See the old forget-me-nots, grey in the background!
Working in the Driveway

Monday (20th November) has been one such day. I've just come inside for a break and a chest-puffing older-lady crow. Have been working really hard for five hours, bonfiring (horrible job). The last of the hedge trimmings, the remains of the Banksia rose, mess from around the pond path, and branches of gum from the Hump where the huge trees were felled. I have been soooooo good. I have actually finished some vital tasks (like the rose clean-up).

 Flowering now.
Bumble on a Hebe

More weeding...

I've also been weeding out yet more Alkanet and Campion and (oops) throwing it on the fire. Have been doing this for a week now - these beautiful weedy but welcome flowers in my garden are much enjoyed by the honey bees and the bumbles.

The next two days...

I've taken a more measured approach to these gardening days, with work limits of three hours, and lots of sitting down bottom-dragging to alleviate the aching knee and hip in the night.

I've now cleared both sides of the driveway of Forget-me-nots and weeds. I roughly scissor-cut the forget-me-nots and spread the resulting mulch onto the Hump Garden. I've also had the hoses on the roses. Ha! That rhymes!

Thursday 23rd November

Oh joy. More garden joy. It is very, very hot today. And I am very, very lucky. I have great dog company, and I'm off to water the roses. I have energy left over from my ballet class and singing rehearsal. If I get too hot I can self-immerse in the water-race. Groovy.

Three hours later...

Wow. How silly am I? I decided to clear a really overgrown path into the Hump Garden. It was in full sun. Crikey! And guess what was coming out? Oh yes. My two old favourites, Campion and Alkanet. After a cool drink I returned to shift the hoses. I threw some more firewood logs into the trailer. Then I started on the interior, being careful not to squash the emerging dahlia shoots, and cleared more mess, uncovering a batch of rehomed roses flowering for the first time. So naturally I had to take some more photos.

So many rose photographs! And it's time to welcome the big white Rambling Rector.

 In the Allotment Garden
Rambling Rector Rose

Friday 24th November

Silly weather. A cold front arrived last night, it rained a lot, and this morning it's quite cold. Noisy rain showers keep sweeping overhead. Great for the garden.