Pretty clever...

Aha! I'm spending each day cleaning up mess while making lots more. At the same time, hee hee. Pretty clever, eh?

Campion and Alkanet

For example, Campion and Alkanet are making the biggest messes - all over my paths and the edges of the borders. The path I sent my recent visitors off to explore was - ahem - interesting. No wonder they were slow to emerge - suckers from the rose Woodsii fendleri were growing right in the middle, while Campion (the prettiest pink flowers) and Alkanet (the prettiest blue flowers) sprawled from edge to edge.

Have got the hoses on to give the Hump Garden roses a bit of a wake-up. I love the foxgloves, the roses, even the Campion, the Lupins and Orlaya, the ornamental grasses starting to sprout upwards, and the pretty shrubs (yellow-leafed Choisya and Hebes). My whole garden is full of flowers jostling for position and buzzy bees jostling for flowers. I love it.

Friday November 17th

Oh joy! So for the last two days I have been pulling out yet more Campion and Alkanet from the Hump Garden - surprise, surprise! I've uncovered roses, cleared paths, and so on. I've also been adding compost and horse manure, and watering.

There are beautiful flowers everywhere, so my garden is a joy to work in. Wow. And when I clear the overgrown messes out a bit I can see much more of everything. Ha! That's how gardens work!

 Silly cat!
Speckles in the Garden

Cat joy...

Some cat joy : in the middle of last night I woke up to the sound of crunching - it was Speckles the stray on the verandah. I hadn't seen him for days.

Sentimental me - I got up, put my woolly cardigan on over my nightie, and went outside to sit with him in the dark. He smooched and bunted my hand, sat down cosily next to my leg, got up and smooched some more. Silly cat. And silly me.

Silly me...

And silly me in the garden just before. I was taking photographs in the rain. Middle Bridge was a bit slippery, I was in a bit of a hurry, and I did a spectacular face-plant. Luckily my camera was unhurt, and neither of us fell into the water. Feel silly, because I am usually super careful and slow when crossing the bridges.