So the fire restrictions have finally come off, and I have piles of dry mess to burn. Mainly gum bark, Cordyline and Phormium leaves, and shrub prunings. Mess, mess, mess. Non-Gardening Partner has promised to help me. I hope he remembers!

 Starting to flower.

The first bonfire is flaming and spitting away - I'm burning dried trimmings of Philadelphus and Hypericum, and gum leaves from the house patio and driveway. So what is there to say about my first bonfire for 2024? Aargh! I've carted five more barrowfuls of mess from underneath the hedge. I've grabbed armfuls of Phormium and Cordyline leaves, and some rogue rose prunings. And I am soooooooo not finished for the day.

Interesting Insects - Halmus chalybeus

Interesting addition to my 'I thought I Knew Everything But I Don't' list. As being red and orange, ladybirds in New Zealand can be blue (check the link). Daughter is painting stones to represent these lovely critters - she hides them in the vegetation at the Bush Kindy where she works. OK. Back to the bonfire. Humph.

Much later...

Non-Gardening Partner filled the trailer for me, and I bonfired on. Seven more barrowfuls, lots of gum bark and dry Gunnera leaves, plus most of the stuff in the trailer burnt.

 This is me in my apres-gardening clothes.
First Bonfire 2024 Autumn - Winter

Then I went into the water race to help pull out a large gum tree branch which had been blocking the water flow. Went back to the bonfire to warm my legs up, and it started to drizzle. Yes! A sign from above - time to finish, get clean, dry, and warm. An amazing five hour day.

Saturday 11th May

Only had time for a couple of hours today. Finished burning the load in the trailer, grabbed more dried Gunnera leaves, while NGP collected six more barrowfuls of mainly gum bark.

Sunday 12th March

It's been a glorious day! Blue skies and sunshine, wth no wind. I sang alto in the Kodaly Mass in the morning, then rehearsed with my Blues Band early afternoon. Arrived home at 3:30 - NGP had refilled the trailer and parked it by the bonfire. So I burnt the lot - took me until after sunset. Glorious.

Lots to say about very little...

Sorry about all the tedious details : the number of barrow loads, the type of flammable material, and so on. These last few weeks I seem to have had lots to say about very little. Hmm...