Drippy and Drizzly

 One of the last trees to redden.
Sorbus Leaves

Yeay! Another stay-at-home late autumn day (though I am going out for morning coffee). It's really wet outside, having drizzled and splattered rain for most of the night.


Puddles! I have lots of puddles in the driveway! And lots of wet autumn leaves on the lawns, their moistness perfect for raking into bags. Aargh! And lots of drippy trees, shrubs, ferns, and grasses.

Wednesday 22nd May

I'm not sure if I want to get wet. If I really, really, really wanted to I could clean up the Gunnera leaves. Last week, before the rains came, I flung lots of them onto the side of the water race, where they're still waiting to be carted away.

I have a fantail friend who waits for me to open the back door, then squeaks with delight and swoops inside over my head. He eats spiders etc. off the top of my house curtains. Oops. It's the same bird - I recognise his slightly wonky tail feathers. I've heard the local superstition about fantails coming into the house. But, being nearly winter, this brainy little bird is just busy finding enough food.

 So where is her secret stash of disgusting things?

OK. I am going to go outside for an hour. If I get wet I get wet. I will wear a merino base layer and my gardening shorts.


Aha! I did it. Cleaned up two areas of Gunnera mess. No drizzle, didn't even get muddy.

Thursday 23rd May

Dear garden,
Good morning to you, my damp, drippy garden. I would love to spend all day in you getting damp and drippy too, but I have my ballet class, after which I go to visit my family. Yeay! And I get to play with the baby. So I'm leaving my two collie dogs (in their kennels) to look after you and keep you company. But firstly I must apologise for the large piece of dried hide which turned up on your front lawn yesterday, deposited there by Winnie. It's the fourth piece of dead animal I've found in four weeks. Have you any idea where she's getting them from? Anyway, have a great day, love from Me AKA Moosey AKA Mary.

P.S. And would you know where I've stashed my bright pink tutu and pink flowery tiara? I need them for ballet class - it's 'Dress in Pink' day. Oh. I guess that's not your responsibility.

Friday 24th May

Today I worked for three hours, until the drizzle started soaking into my clothes and hair. Non-Gardening Partner collected another trailer load of burnable mess. I burnt it all - this time it was mainly gum tree bark.

Stables Garden - New Shrubs

Demolished the large unwanted Phormium by the Stables, and took to the roots with axe and spade - nearly all out. Planted the red Phormium nearby - this flax will be much cuter and more well-behaved. Also planted two clean green Corokias, and seven large foxglove plants (from my own nursery).

Harden up, Princess -Moosey advice to self.

So it's been another drippy, dreary, grey day, if that matters. It doesn't really. As one of my small friends would say, 'Harden up, Princess'. Fair enough!

Now I'm inside, poking around online for merino socks. It's time I had a mid-winter sock spend-up.