Colours of late autumn AKA early winter - grey and brown, mixed in with greens. But there are bright bursts of colour from flowers, the odd rose, the crabapples. And the white flowers of the weedy potato vine which always seems to be blooming.

 The blackbirds are feasting on them now.

Today can be a thinking day, because it is drizzling steadily. Maybe I could go and buy some more plants? Not silly - it would be a nice reward for :

My cottage cats (note the plural) were a nuisance last night. Speckles came inside, interested in jumping up on the bed - Minimus's bed. I lay in it, snug in the dark, listening to low growlings from underneath the crochet blanket.

 And lots of food bowls.
Speckles and Minimus

So I got up, escorted Speckles back onto the verandah with a pouch of Fishy cat food, and shut the door. Just dozing off when Minimus, Miss Nosy, wanted to go outside to see what he was doing. Scratch, scratch... Up I got to let her out. Speckles bustled back in. And I was supposed to be asleep!

More New Plants

What plants should I buy?

So back to this thinking day. What plants should I buy? Not roses. A couple more rhododendrons for the Driveway Border? Hmm... Maybe see what's on special, then have a coffee in the cafe and write a pen and paper list.


No dilly dallying around - I just grabbed things that were less than twenty dollars (such a brilliant plan, hee hee) : two more green Corokias, a little red Phormium (variety Evening Glow), another Rhododendron, three more Lavenders (variety Deep Purple), the prettiest Nandina with gorgeous autumn colouring, some Polyanthus plants and a swag of daffodil bags.

So not much thinking, really. Apart from knowing where all the plants are going, giving thanks for the rain (about 17mm), and trying to avoid the puddles on our dog walks. The late autumn colours in the garden are just magnificent and the garden is no longer so thirsty. Blessings.