Moosey News : October 2008

Dear Subscriber,

It's all change in the garden this month - I hope I can keep up with the pace. Gardeners like to change things, but sometimes nature changes things far too quickly. Hurry up - no, slow down, please!

This month's features :

  1. Tulip Troubles
  2. Percy the Ginger Cat
  3. New 2009 Calendars
  4. Super September
  5. Blue Corydalis

Regulars :

  1. Plant of the Month : The Bride
  2. Animal of the Month : Gingerpuss
  3. Garden Quote : Lawns and Edges
  4. Garden Gallery : Rose Calendar Pictures
  5. Forum Focus : Changes
  6. Gardening Advice : Ponds
  7. Searching for Moosey : garden gnome
  8. Coming up this month : Joy and Happiness - and Weeding...

This month's features

1. Tulip Troubles

I just don't try hard enough with my tulips. Every year I wish I had a better attitude to these beautifully coloured bulbs, and this spring is no exception.

2. Percy the Ginger Cat

Welcome to Percy the purry ginger gardening cat, who now has his own official page. Oops - he almost gets as many journal photographs as my beloved white cat B-Puss...

3. New 2009 Calendars

You're spoilt for choice for next year's calendars. Choose from half-size, full-size, garden views, scenic New Zealand, flowers, roses, cats - and this new one, featuring garden plant partners. All are in friendly pdf formats and free to download

4. Super September

Some gardening months have their own special style, where every day seems packed with purpose and garden enjoyment. My September has been one of these months...

5. Blue Corydalis

This unheralded little blue perennial pops up beautifully in springtime.


6. Plant of the Month : The Bride

I couldn't travel to France for a family wedding, so I bought myself a standard Bride shrub instead. She has a ring of flashy purple pansies at her ankles, and I water her every day.

7. Animals of the Month : Gingerpuss

The Moosey Most Valuable Pet Competition is finally back on track. All bonus points have been added in, and gallant Gingerpuss is doing battle with Rusty the red Border Collie for the lead. Quite a few readers want to vote for the three youngest cats, though, and at the time of writing they're not represented.

8. Garden Quote : Lawns and Edges

With apologies to Shakespeare, this quote starts off with the night following the day...

9. Garden Gallery : Rose Calendar Pictures and More Rose Calendar Pictures

I've had fun putting together two rose calendars for 2009, both full of gorgeous rose pictures. The Image of the Month has to be one of these - but which one?

10. Forum Focus : All Change

Southern hemisphere readers are zooming through spring, while others up north are preparing for autumn changes. Pots full of plants are coming in, and going out.

11. Gardening Advice : Ponds need to be Lovely Places

This is good advice to any gardener like me - lucky enough to have a pond, but lackadaisical (what a word!) in their pond presentation. Viewed from within or without, a pond should look good. A pond's ambience should never be wasted.

12. Searching for Moosey : garden gnome

garden gnome
I've found the Moosey bachelor garden gnome after some serious garden searching of my own. Oops....

13. Coming up this month : Joy and Happiness - and Weeding...

Hopefully, even more garden joy and happiness than last month. And more weeding, and watering, and shifting plants around, and trimming the lawn edges...