Moosey News : May, June, July 2014

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May, June and July are my late autumn and winter months. There's still much work to do in the garden, and I won't let short days and bad weather put me off. Well, that's the theory...

Features :

  1. Bergenias
  2. Frisbee Garden Bunting
  3. Minimus the Cottage Cat
  4. Gay Baby Camellia
  5. The TV Couch Cycling Season

Regulars :

  1. Plant of the Month : Aeonium
  2. Animal of the Month : Silver-Eye Bird
  3. Garden Quote : Seed germination
  4. Garden Gallery : Winter colour
  5. Garden Thanks To : Switzerland!
  6. Gardening Advice : When in doubt...
  7. Searching for Moosey : 'Pots
  8. Coming up soon : More hours of daylight!

This month's features

1. Bergenias

In my garden these are the perfect edging perennial. The leaves are beautiful, the flowers a bonus. See what you think.

2. Frisbee Garden Bunting

I've made garden bunting to hang between the trees along the driveway, choosing earthy, garden-friendly colours. It's an easy project, and I love the fun look that bunting gives to the garden.

3. Minimus the Cottage Cat

Dear Minimus lives in Pond Cottage. The bed inside is her bed. The cane seats on the outside verandah are her seats. I guess it's her cottage, then!

4. Gay Baby Camellia

I've grown this small flowered Camellia for many years. It's tall and a pretty, cool pink.

5. The TV Couch Cycling Season

The month of July is wintry and cold. Luckily it's my big TV Couch Cycling month, as I follow the chaps on le Tour. The summer scenery in France is awesome for a gardener stuck inside on a winter's day.


6. Plants of the Month : Aeonium

A dark coloured Aeonium is one of my patio pot plants which I rarely photograph but always notice and admire. It's such a striking colour.

7. Animal of the Month : Silver-Eye Bird

Meet a very lucky birdie who crashed into my glass doors, and survived some rather too-close inspections by my cats.

8. Garden Quote : Seed germination

No wasting of seedlings allowed this year!

9. Garden Gallery : Winter colour

On this journal page you'll see a strip of photographs of flower colours from the garden, taken just five weeks after the winter solstice. Click to enlarge, and enjoy!

10. Garden Thanks To : Switzerland!

For inspiring me to have tidier, neater garden edges...

11. Gardening Advice : When in doubt...

Some variations on 'when in doubt, do nothing'.

12. Searching for Moosey : 'pots'

Buying Pots
Well, there was this huge pot sale, with glazed pots half price, terracotta pots 75 percent off, and I just couldn't resist. Oops. Actually I went back three times.
Polyanthus in Pots
One of my favourite winter flowers for outdoor pots is polyanthus.

12. Coming up this month : More hours of daylight!

And where there's more daylight there's more hope - warm summer flowers are closer to becoming a reality. Without winter, summer wouldn't be nearly so nice, would it? Happy gardening.