Reformed, revitalised, remotivated...

 With autumn flowering sedums.
Plastic Garden Chair

My March garden reformation continues - long may the Head Gardener continue in her reformed, revitalised, remotivated, recharged mood. All this to justify some nursery sale spending? And it's the spring bulb buying season. And the rose sales are starting. Oops.

Monday 12th March

These past three days I have been super-organised, and accordingly much has been achieved. Today the same degree of discipline is required. Here's the plan - two simple lists, no reasons needed, all items to be completed in order. It would also help if I located my lost spades and secateurs.

List One - Must Do

  1. Dig out species daylilies by The Plank.
  2. Weed the Birthday Rose Garden.
  3. Lay latest newspaper and mulch.

List Two - Might Do

  1. Sow seeds - pansies and sweet peas.
  2. Visit bulb farm for preparatory look.
  3. Weed, redig, and replant Frisbee Lawn border.

There now - lots of variety, no room for lazing or sulking. But firstly I have some animal duties - feed everyone, try and remove a mouse from the entrance hall (thanks so much, Tiger the cat, with your short legs and attention span), take Rusty the dog for a bike ride... And possibly some high speed vacuuming. Eek! A purposeful way to start the week!

 A very sculptural plant.
Angelica Gigas

Morning Coffee Time

Thanks soooooo much again to Tiger the cat for kindly allowing the mouse to take refuge in the toe of my running shoe. I am not a callous cat-owner, but I must confess to loosening the laces. And wake up, Rusty the dog! You were soooooo slow on your run. Now we have much work to do.

Rescued Grey Kitten :
Later today I have a business meeting (hee hee) with my friend Judith the cat lady - I have vet credit lined up, and I'll ask her how the Moosey machine can best help.

During the last weeks Judith has trapped, neutered, and returned ten of her colony stray cats. Two of the remaining mothers have kitten litters, so maybe soon we can do some kitten sponsoring! Every time I look at my darling Fluff Fluff I remember that he was abandoned and rescued as a tiny kitten - so cute, with the tiniest blue eyes! And B-Puss was so ugly, no-one would ever choose him - I just couldn't leave him behind! Ah, me, sentimental me!

Blimey - that coffee didn't last long enough! I'm off outside, no more excuses.

 By the Hen House.
My Pittosorum Forest

Tuesday 13th March

Yesterday worked well - I finished my Must Do list. The species daylilies had spread far and wide - I have a spot more digging to do. Today I was going to play truant from Garden Club - naughty, naughty! But it's raining, and the tour to a local pond etc. is postponed, so my credibility is saved. Hee hee.

Too Wet? Too Muddy?

I'm off to feed the hens and inspect the wetness and muddiness status of my garden. Sensibly I could sow those seeds in the glass-house today. Or I could rake underneath the Pittosorums in the Hen House Garden. Or I could loll about inside reading...

Wednesday 14th March

Brrr. It's cold and wet again. I've just busted Rusty in the hen run, sneaking in to pinch the birds' bread, cooked spud peelings - and layer pellets! Naughty, foodie dog!

 Garden sculpture!
Seed Heads

Spring Bulbs and the Queen

I've been to peep at the bulb farm - I'm disappointed, might return and just get some scented ones called 'Cheerfulness'. Now I've decided to take myself off to see The Queen. Alas, not in London, and not the real queen - today has turned into an afternoon movies day. My goodness, it can be hard work, being retired! Hee hee.