My new dinner set

Sometimes I do silly garden things - like plant three Golden Hops without providing anything substantial up which they can climb. And sometimes I do silly personal things. Oops. I have just bought a dinner set where all the plates, bowls, serving dishes etc. are yellow cabbage leaves. Yellow! Eek! Cabbage leaves! Aargh! I guess this is called 'cabbageware'...

Monday 28th April

Anyway, to restore some good sense to the morning I've just raked and bagged up oak leaves from the Pond Paddock, where it is drizzling lightly. Histeria the tabby cat has been zooming around climbing tree trunks. And now I'm off for a swim. And, really, I don't much like cabbage!

 Climbing a Cordyline trunk.
Histeria the Tabby


Now it's seriously raining, the log-burner is going, and so I'm snug inside doing some web-gardening. I'm tidying up the Jelly-Bean Border pages in my garden tour. Anyone interested in seeing this part of my garden would be very disappointed - it's full of ancient photographs of red flaxes, old out-of-focus cats, dandelion weeds, roses that aren't even growing there anymore, and so on.

The essence (?) of the Jelly Bean Border is completely missing. For example, one rogue Ligularia seeded itself in with the hostas by mistake, and it gets a whole page? What rubbish.

Tuesday 29th April

So here's the rainy day plan. I've been doing web-gardening, tidying and updating the Middle Garden Tour pages. I'm nicely bored, if that makes sense. I love web-gardening, but I want to be in the real outdoors. Anyway, 55mm of rain has fallen in the last 24 hours. There are real puddles on my driveway, and my front house lawn has wet pools of water. This is as near to a flood as I hope I'll ever personally get.

 All raked up to make leaf mould.
Bagged Oak Leaves in Pond Paddock

I'm taking my dog for a walk down the road. We can talk about this and that. I might take some photographs of puddles (just for my own records). When I get back home I'll do my piano practice and wash my merino thermals and my silly woolly owl jersey. They can dry in front of the log burner, while I enjoy a hot coffee.

 An amazing late autumn perennial.
Toad Lily

Wednesday 30th April

So how is this at all fair? The rain has finally gone, the sun is shining, and I've spent most of the day in bed sort of asleep, sulking. Cough, cough, cough. Hopeless timing! And now April is over, . I wonder how much longer the autumn leaves will last, and when the first frost will strike down the dahlias and nasturtiums?

Goodbye April

Goodbye, April. You've been a super-wet month, really, but that's OK. Months are allowed to rain. Yippee for free-draining soil, a cottage roof that doesn't leak, a semi-intrepid gardener, and sturdy wet-weather gardening boots. And thanks especially for the beautiful leaf colours.