More of the same...

 My usual.
Cat Cup

I've been doing more of the same things today that I did yesterday which were more of the same things I did the day before. Do I love the continuity of gardening? Oh yes, I do. There is something soothing about mindless repetition. Good practice for old-age, perhaps?

Saturday 28th June

Actually, today has been really nice. The weather, for one - it's been calm and sunny and the sky has been the brightest of plastic bowl blues. Non-Gardening Partner, for two - he's done some chain-sawing for me in the back of the Shrubbery, the area that I'm clearing out.

I've also re-built part of the Shrubbery's retaining wall (a pushy Escallonia shrub had dislodged some of its stones) and raked up gum leaves from the interior. I've made a start trimming the Phormiums and dahlias in the Island Bed. The Alstroemeria has spread - does this worry me? Don't think so.

And all of the above, plus loads more Eucalyptus tree branches, have been wheeled over to the bonfire and burnt.

 Name unknown.
Baby Pink Camellia

Monday 30th June

Right. More of the same of more of the same is what I'm doing again today. Yesterday I was frustrated by two choral performances (the consequences of being an in-demand alto). So my garden festered, scabs intact, underneath the most beautiful winter sun. This morning before I go gardening I'm waiting for Costa Rica (my sweepstake team) to win their Football World Cup match. So I've vacuumed the carpet, cleaned out some kitchen drawers, and even mopped the floor. Please not a penalty shoot-out...

Cabbage Ware

I also have, finally, taken possession of my bilious yellow cabbage-ware dinner set. The plates are gorgeous, the serving dishes and huge soup tureens are - ahem - something else. Anyway, at the moment they are proudly displayed on the kitchen table for family members and visitors to 'admire'. The cabbage leaf is a new indoors theme for me. Usually I do cats (see my grey cat mug, pictured above). But this is, after all, my very first dinner set. And it may well be my last.

 Hee hee...
Yellow Cabbage Ware Serving Dishes

Right. I'm off outside.

 They will survive.
Squashed Phormiums

Five Hours Later...

Do I want to buy 163 latex and fiberglass moulds for making concrete garden ornaments? Cricketers and gnomes are among the styles mentioned. Alas, no. But I've always got room for some new old gnomes.

Path Decision Made

I've spent all day clearing behind the Shrubbery. I've made a decision on the paths, too. I'm going to decommission one little short path and construct a looping thoroughfare to encircle the new garden area. Lucky - most of the Phormiums have survived being dropped upon from a great height.

I've cleared the grass and general tree debris, and am now leaving the flaxes to perk up of their own accord. I have a sensible wood system - branches of firewood size get stripped and thrown onto the log pile, the smaller branches go whoosh on the bonfire. Medium logs are stacked in piles, and the huge ones are rolled down towards the fence.

My fiery red flaming bonfire roared happily until dusk. Then the wind suddenly whipped up, and too many embers started flying around. No problem - slop on a few buckets of water, check the hissing smoke. And then the wind disappeared as quickly as it had arrived, like a tease.

 An early flowering shrub in the Shrubbery.
Lemon Grevillia

And before I forget - yippee for Costa Rica! My Football World Cup team! Winning 5-3 in a penalty shoot-out (I was too nervous to watch). And check out Tiger the cat, posing on the patio table in the sunshine, pretending to be the outdoorsy type. Do not be fooled.

 A typical cat pose...
Tiger the Cat

Tuesday 1st July

Yippee! New Zealand has just won the third cricket test match (and thus the series) against the West Indies. We win something! What a brilliant way to start the day. And such good timing - wonderful live sport for breakfast, followed by yet another day doing more of the same of more of the same in the Shrubbery garden. But first - do I want Algeria or Germany to win their football match? Gosh, I don't know...

 A juvenile maiden.
Weeping Maiden Camellia

Much Later...

I've only managed three hours gardening today, including a roaring bonfire. But that's OK. I can now enjoy the sunset from inside my cosy house, in clean clothes, with a refreshing cup of tea. Nice. Tending the bonfire is thirsty work. I've nearly got to the bottom of one of the Eucalyptus piles, and as a variation I've been raking leaves off the driveway and the irises in the Frisbee Border. I hope they give a good showing this coming season.

I've also shifted a peony out of Middle Garden, plus a clump of sad bluebells stuck deep in darkness at the base of the large pink rhododendron. Both are planted in the so-called Allotment Garden (AKA last summer's potato patch) down the driveway.

I've taken some Camellia photographs, too. It makes me smile to see these early flowering varieties. They are so pretty. Aargh! Where's my camera? Oops. Phew - that was close!