The autumn bonfire - day 5

Day Five of my autumn bonfire, and I'm targeting the huge piles on the fence-line by my driveway. Fill the trailer twice, maybe, and keep on barrowing out loads from behind the pond when I get bored. Bored? Humph.

 The first trailer load ready to burn.
Autumn Bonfire Day 5

Dead wood...

A lot of dead wood is going up in flames - tangles of branches from felled trees, nothing suitable for shredding, not easy to process into firewood logs. Huge Phormium fans, too, not able to be composted, and gum leaves galore. OK. I can do this. I may not want to, but I can do. It's one of the downsides to country garden maintenance. I love the garden looking green and pleasant, right?

Much, much later...

Oh boy! It was touch and go at lunchtime, and I almost slunk inside to hide from myself. But thanks to the magic of a cup of tea and some food I managed to kept going. I've burnt two trailer loads and ten barrow loads. Affirmation time, as I flung armfuls of mess into the trailer. Awwww! I remember the day when I dug out that Lavender shrub! Chopped out that Phormium! Cut down those Lychnises... And so on. Decided that gardening is often very loopy, so to speak.

I found a pink handled scraper in the rubbish (won't mention the remains of two hand diggers found in the ash heap, oops). Good on me. I did it. Day Five over and out.