Have just take Pebbles my younger dog for her orchard walk and talked to her. Have made a promise to her to be nicer and more understanding. Because sometimes, just sometimes, I lose patience with her - big time!

Tuesday 18th May

There's a reason for this sudden promise of unconditional dog-love. Older dog Winnie's cranial cruciate ligament operation might have been 'text-book' but her recovery was not so smooth. She spent last night at the emergency vet on a drip, being monitored. Today, back at her proper vet's, she's making much better progress. Haven't had a very good night's sleep, obviously. Cried a bit. But so thankful - vets are amazing.

 And the beautiful Phormiums.
Pebbles by the Water Race

Oddly, I feel a little bit bewildered. I love both my dogs dearly. Have given myself a choice : two hours bonfiring outside in the late autumn sunshine, or two hours playing Albeniz on the piano.

Much later...

I did both. While the bonfire gurgled I dug out matted clumps of lilac Phlox from the pergola garden, divided them, and removed Lamium and creepy grass (hopefully all of it). The pieces are in the glass-house waiting to be potted up.

 With her thick winter coat.
Winnie in the Driveway

Then while Non-Gardening Partner went off to pick up Winnie from the vet, I launched into the prettiest Albeniz piece called Rondera. This I can almost play at speed, and get almost all the right notes. Yeay!

So Winnie is home now, resting in her crate wearing a dog bucket, with pages of post-op instructions and bottles of pills. Darling dog.

 He probably had the fight with Minimus.
Red Fred

Wednesday 20th May

It's a wonderful blue-skies morning, not to be spoiled by my bonfire. Pebbles and I have been for a long walk, accompanied by Red Fred the tabby. Winnie is doing OK, and I've just taken her outside on a leash for toilet time. A wee cuddle, then back in her crate, lunchtime pills in her food. It will take me some time to relax about all of this and not worry. I'm not there yet.

I don't feel like doing much. Maybe a bit more clearing later in the afternoon, when it clouds over. Same old, same old, I guess, as the garden prepares itself for winter.

Three hours later...

I did some mindless burning of flax leaves and assorted rose prunings (out of season, these, not sure where they came from). Real rose pruning for 2020 won't start for a couple of months yet. Dug out the last of the lilac phloxes and dumped them with the others in the glass-house. Have been too preoccupied with Winnie to feel very garden-inspired. But, as usual, I did my best.

 A pretty clump by the rose pergola.
Lilac Phlox

Thursday 21st May

Minimus my cottage cat was involved in a cat fight a couple of nights ago, and has wrapped herself up in the bed-clothes in the cottage to sulk ever since. But she's eating and purring, so I've left the electric blanket on low for her. Minimus is a cat who sulks like a human. Hurt feelings more than hurt body, that sort of thing. Hopefully that's all it is.

 A thornless rose.
Crepuscule Roses on the Boundary

Today I have had lovely visitors - all day! Lots of hugs and discussions about the garden. Filled the trailer with firewood while the children looked for huhu grubs in the softer, rotting wood. They are popped into jars and then presented to the hens down the road (from whom I get my eggs). A cycle of nature, eh?

Friday 22nd May

What a night - very blustery and noisy, little (thankfully) bits of tree dropping on the cottage roof, and one of my old-lady knees being annoying. Minimus behaving more normally, phew.

Small steps (literally) for Winnie the dog. Later this morning we are off to the vet for her first check-up. Small steps for me, too - am doing my ballet class with Youtube video. Then I will play my Bach pieces on the piano. So it's Wobbly Barking Friday...


I need to stop mooching around. Winnie had a good vet visit. All is going nicely and slowly, according to plan. I'm still having trouble feeling relaxed about it all. Silly sausage, me.