The autumn bonfire - day 4

Day Four of my autumn bonfire. It's still a slight novelty - don't worry, I will stop counting the days soon.

 Early in the morning.
Start of Bonfire Day 4

Here is a photograph of me first thing in the morning. And what a morning it has been! I am so happy (and stinky and smoky)...

 Nearly finished!
Bonfire End of Day 4

Another trailer load...

First of all, I've filled the trailer again with mess, and my bonfire has re-ignited merrily, thanks to three barrowloads of scrappy stuff from behind the pond).

Speaking of behind the pond - yippee! Non-Gardening Partner, without being asked, has lowered and tidied up the huge dead tree stump. But here's the best bit. The stump consists of about eight smaller trunks (I guess they sprouted from the base years ago). NGP has taken each mini-stump to a slightly different level, but each is perfectly horizontal.

He has suggested that some of my gnomes might like to take up residence. Honestly! I didn't ask for that. Isn't that the sweetest thought!

Later, mid-afternoon...

Aargh! Stinkier, smokier, sore-hands me, with just one more burning session to go. I've been topping up the trailer mess with drier stuff from behind the pond.

NGP has trimmed the pergola rose Crepuscule - that's burnt, too. Once again I can walk underneath the pergola without ducking awkwardly down (or hitting my head on a low slung rose branch).

The Reading Stump!

Meanwhile, behind the pond, the tree stump is ready for habitation. My five reading gnomes have suggested they could have Book Club there. Meet you at 3:30 on the Reading Stump! Hee hee...

 Book Club, hee hee...
Gnomes on the Reading Stump

By the way, three of the pipe smoking gnomes are allowed to join Book Club on the Reading Stump. They will just be listening, though they are allowed to ask literary questions.

The usual rewards...

Now I just have to keep going and finish the trailer burn up. Then the usual rewards - shower and wash hair, yummy roast chicken and vegetables for the evening meal, cool clear water to drink, loads of hand cream, e-book to read. Nice.