Good morning...

 Pebbles and Winnie..
The House Dogs

Good morning to my lovely house cats, who all reappeared soon after yesterday's visiting dogs went home. And good morning to my equally lovely house dogs, who are both singing lustily in the kitchen. I think they think that's what they're doing!

Good morning Winnie...

Good morning especially to Winnie, who didn't do any silly running at the Dog Picnic, and thus did not re-injure her limpy front leg. Good girl dog.

Good morning Speckles...

Good morning to Speckles the wild stray cat, who appeared for his meal on the cottage verandah, this time in the middle of the night. Random cat. Was far too sleepy to sit and socialise with him. There are limits to my style of cat-taming! But in the morning there he was, large as life, sitting by the cane chairs. Not really looking at all like a wild cat.

And before I forget, good morning to the tree frog who woke me up at dawn chirping and whistling by the pond. Brave little frog!

 AT home outside my cottage.
Speckled the Stray Cat

Good morning to my pot of tea, and the first cup poured there-from. Very refreshing. Good morning to Pond Cottage, to my beautiful pond, and to the awe-inspiring view of the Pond Paddock from my cottage verandah.

 Mowed lawns!
My Leafy Paradise - the Pond Paddock

Good morning to all the beautiful things in my garden, irrigated overnight, bursting with greenery and wonderful colours. Good morning to all the roses still flowering, and to my right hand which isn't sore and swollen any more. That means I can play the piano happily again.

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