Dripping and drooping...

The garden is full of dripping, drooping roses, and more of the summer things (e.g. daylilies, shrubs) are flowering. But I love the rain. I really, really do. Honestly, I do. All this gentle rain? Oh yes, I do love it. I think I do...

This morning Digby the black Labrador appeared on my front lawn, and was lured rather easily into the spare dog kennel. His parents have just picked him up. A sweet, harmless dog he may be, but he is not appreciated by the Fred cats.

 Big and beautiful.
Gunnera Leaves

Have been swimming, and now am going outside to trim in the water race. If the rain returns I will be half wet anyway. The back lawn is already littered with Phormium leaves and assorted watery mess.

 Sulking still, in the Hump Garden.
Pat Austin Rose

But I am not going to clean it up. I am putting that off until tomorrow.

Sunday 18th December

This morning it is raining heavily and I am singing a Palestrina Mass. I love singing Palestrina. This afternoon I am attending a ballet recital featuring the small people.

There is a small window of gardening opportunity between these two events to clean up the mess I've made over the last few days. So my day is organised.

Later that evening...

Nope. The small window disappeared as the rain continued. Wonderful for my garden, which is now full of puddles and yet more dripping roses.

Cat news : both the Freds have puncture wounds in their foreheads from wrestling with each other. Mid-afternoon Red Fred's scabby abscess burst, resulting in the foulest smell. Aargh! Naturally I blamed the dogs for having rolled in something rotten. Poor, innocent dogs!

 Being silly.
Red Fred in the Garden

Non-Gardening Partner kindly wiped Fred's face. A trip to the vet? Probably no point, now that the wound is cleaned up.