The longest list...

I have just written the longest list of things that I need to do in the garden. When I say long I mean long! I divided the garden up into twenty distinct areas, with one page for each. I filled up every page with stuff to do! Then I collated and cross-checked everything and produced even more pages. Way over the gardening top!

 Miscanthus, Daylilies, Agapanthus, Phlox, Astelia
Plants to Be Shifted

Kept on remembering silly little things I'd promised to do, and yeay! Since I had a page for that particular garden, it was so easy to add on the item. Like dig out the patches of pink Phlox scattered in the middle of the Hump Garden (they are too squashed). And dig out a Miscanthus grass behind the pond which doesn't get enough sun. And dig out, divide, and replant pieces of a green Astelia.

 John Clare and Munstead Wood
Roses to be Shifted

Not to mention potting up a few struggling roses (for example Munstead Wood and John Clare, two David Austin beauties in the Allotment Garden, not getting enough water or summer sun). Next spring they can go into the Hump Garden which is sunny, spacious, and well irrigated.

 Getting a bit wet.
Winnie the Dog

Plants to be shifted...

THE most important page is a list of plants to be shifted, with their old location and new destination indicated by coloured arrows. Hee hee. There's going to be a lovely mass swap-around - miniature Agapanthus coming out, daylilies going in their place, and so on.

All I need is potting mix, large dollops of gardening energy, and two weeks of fine days.

Dog company?

And some good gardening company would be nice, too. Maybe you could provide that, dogs? Woof?