The yellow Banskia rose

 A beautiful lemon flowering rose.
Banksia Lutea

The yellow Banskia rose is blooming at the moment. It is gorgeous. But it is a gorgeous thug, and the fate of this current version is sealed. When the flowers are finished, all the sprouting canes are coming off. This monster rose, not content with bringing down a huge plum tree in 2016, has now brought down a tall fencepost and half my washing line.

It's coming down...

So as soon as it's finished flowering it's coming down (not for the first time) - I'm chopping off all the canes at the base. Non-Gardening Partner has promised to dig in a couple of new fenceposts and suitable restraining wires. Then I'm going to point the new growth (which I know will be vigorous) in the direction of the woodshed. Hee hee. OK, Mister Banskia Lutea. The woodshed can be your next victim...

 Looking back to the house.
Banksia lutea Roses

So what to do today? It's drizzling a bit, and I've spent the last two days burning hedge trimmings. I'm sick of the bonfire. I could fill some tubs with veggie mix and plant my potatoes. And then possibly spread some horse manure and wood chips around the garden borders. We'll see.


My gardening changed direction. While NGP filled the trailer with firewood from the Oak trees, I worked directly over the water race from him him weeding and trimming Phormiums. Winnie the dog raced between us retrieving her tennis ball. I rather enjoyed having human company in the garden, hearing human noises rather than the barking of dogs, the howling of cats, and so on.

I dug up some Bergenia cilatas, put them in a pot. Dug Lychnis and Foxgloves out of the lawn and planted them in the garden. Collected gum bark and branches from the wee lawn behind the Stables, also chopped down some naughty bamboo sprouts.

 Looking very thoughtful.
Red Fred in the Garden

Sometimes doing little things take more than a little time. But doing little things can be the most happy experience. And so I worked happily for over three hours, supervised by Red Fred, who kept wanting to sit on me.