Promises, reality...

 Prunus Pink Perfection in the Hunp Garden.
Pink Blossom

Promises, promises. Here's what I wrote at the beginning of this week. 'Every day I will take more tree mess to the bonfire (not my favourite garden friend). Then, if it's windfree, I'll light the blasted thing, without grumping. I will play my piano. I will spread mulch and horse manure everywhere.'

The reality...

On and on these brave words ramble. The reality was quite a different story - I ended up losing the whole week to a rotten head-cold and a hacking chesty cough.

Monday 9th October

Have been bonfiring and have played Albeniz on my piano. Am not feeling one hundred percent, with an annoying cough and the beginnings of a cold.

Tuesday 10th October

Played my piano, coughing and spluttering. Went to a short ballet rehearsal, wore a mask. Had forgotten how horrible it is to exercise in a mask. Came home and played some more piano. Sorry garden. All I did was water your pots.

Wednesday 11th October

Cancelled everything, stayed home and sulked. Am now officially sick (according to me), so am allowed. Watched some Youtubes of a naughty freight-train-hopping Russian bloke travelling through Siberia. Amazing countryside. Something to think about while coughing.

 And shiny green Acanthus.
Lilac Rhododendron

Noticed two nice things - a late flowering lilac rhododendron looking beautiful. And the Wisteria on the house patio starting to flower. Yeay for lilac, such a pretty colour in a green garden.


Thursday 12th October

Didn't leave any milk out for Speckles the stray overnight. So there he was in the morning, waiting on the verandah. Sat down to pat him. 'Where's my milk?' I went over to the house to get him some, poured it out, he drank it, then he wandered nonchalantly off through the forget-me-nots. Not even a backward glance, let alone a thank you. Ungrateful cat!

I will do my best...

Now I have a few things to struggle through, wearing a mask. I will do my best. Non-Gardening Partner says I am sounding better. I'm not feeling better, but I will do my best. Oh, I just said that!

Saturday 14th October

Am sorry to say that I spent nearly every daylight hour of the next two days in bed, semi-sulking and sleeping. My gardening has totally lost its spring momentum. New things are flowering, older flowers are dropping off shrubs. Change is in the air outdoors and I've been inside in bed. Hopeless.

 It is supposed to be grassy. Oops.
Pond Paddock

This afternoon we've been 'experiencing' serious wind gusts, with official warnings. Lucky - only one tree (actually the top half of a large pine tree) has crashed down. I was asleep in the house bedroom at the time, didn't even hear it. NGP will chainsaw it into pieces. More wood! Just when we actually don't need any more wood, thank you very much.

 A semi-chunky piece of pine tree.
More wood

What a rubbish week, and all because of a simple cough and head-cold virus. All has not been lost, though - have been getting much pleasure looking through the house windows at the new colours.