Dithering in a cream top...

Am dithering inside, wearing a creamy-white top - the perfect item of clothing in which to dither. One does not go gardening in creamy-white tops. But one can certainly hang the washing out and check on the Banksia lutea (which is destined for the chop, so to speak).

 Keep on flowering, please.
Beautiful Banksia Lutea

OK, so this beautiful rose still in full flower. And such a beautiful colour! A couple more weeks, maybe, before I chop it down. Now I am back inside, and have been re-reading my journals for October's previous years. This is awfully self-indulgent, and uses up good gardening time on a sunny, windless October spring day. So there I was back in October 2019 and June 2021 burning the hedge trimmings. And this year, 2023, most have been raked up, burnt or shredded. Yeay! And thus the dithering is prolonged...

Now the solution is obvious and very practical. Change out of the creamy-white top and get on with it. Go gardening. Easy.


Wearing my blue gardening shirt and denim jeans I cleared the path past the pond decking to the cottage, and then moved onto the mess by the Pump House. Barrowed it over to the bonfire, then cleared the path past the garden gnomes' Reading Stump. My work was going so well, but then the most annoying thing happened. Felt really, really sleepy, all I wanted was to go to bed, and it was only three o'clock. Hopeless! Plodded into the house, not happy.

 Such a sweet fragrance.

Tuesday 24th October

I refuse to have another hopeless dithering day. So I've come in to rehydrate and eat a proper lunch (a salami and cheese toasted sandwich). Have spent a couple of hours in the Pond Paddock clearing another path, and pulling out some escapees (Campion) from what's left of the lawn. Have also started to rake fallen tree debris out of the pond with a rake. Quite a lot of mess fell in during the recent big winds.

Much later...

Aha! Raked lots of decaying vegetation (not such a sweet smell) out of the pond, just left it on the pond path to dry. Then filled three super-large pots with veggie mix and planted my potatoes. Patio spuds this year. Didn't do much else. Stayed energetic, though, possibly thanks to that salami.

It's really quite simple. Cream tops are perfect for dithering in. Save such clothing for apres-gardening.