Goodbye October

 Late to flower, name unknown.
Pink and White Camellia

A lovely, lost weekend - my big Saturday ballet performance is over (I wobbled a bit, but oh boy did I have fun). My big singing Sunday is over. And October is almost over - just two gardening days to go. So what to do first? Some watering.

Monday October 30th

So late yesterday the intake pipe for my little pump jammed up with pond debris. Phew - stopped it in time, and Non-Gardening Partner fixed the problem. Today I will continue my watering with the little hoses. I choose the Camellias in the Wattle Woods, and I will start spreading bags of horse manure around their bases. The pretty pink and white Camellia is still flowering. Wrong time for spreading manure? Don't care. Too bad.

Let's get going!

Right. I have lots of relaxing garden hours to look forward to. Let's get going, then!

Six hours later...

Six! Very impressive. Started spreading horse manure, having first cleared the path behind the glass-house leading to the Camellias. Then noticed that the water in the race was down. Dropped everything, put on my gumboots and spent the next five hours chopping Phormiums, slicing out grass weeds and ferns. So sensible to do this when the water level is down.

 Looks much neater? Oh yes.
Several Phormiums Have Been Removed

Mid-afternoon started up the bonfire. Collected more hedge trimmings, and lots of gum tree mess. Managed to get the fire hot enough to burn lots of the Phormium leaves, which snap and crackle madly.

There are so many beautiful things to take photographs of. The big bright show-offs (lots of mid to late season rhododendrons) are dominating, but I love the more subtle colours of early summer. Enjoy!