Buster the Gardening Cat

My beautiful black cat Buster has transformed into a gardening cat. She appears, silently, slinking through the forget-me-nots or peeping out from the greenery. She is always watching me gardening.

 My beautiful black cat.
Buster in the Garden

Have just spent a lovely half hour sitting on the pond decking - not reading anyone elses's words, nor writing any of my own - just being in the moment. Me, myself, and I - plus Buster and the dogs.

 A good idea...
Plant Shrubs in Here

Deep thoughts...

Having deep thoughts about the Pond Paddock, which is becoming more and more shady, unsuitable for growing grass successfully. The 'infestation' of forget-me-nots probably isn't helping either. Oops.

A good idea - if I want to change part (?) of it into a shrubbery, then all I need do is plant shrubs here and there in the ground in between the forget-me-nots, load in some horse manure, and work slowly at clearing any remaining grass. No need for any major digging. The shape can grow organically, hee hee.

Explained my idea to the dogs. Organic growth is good, but where is our breakfast? was their reply. Buster slunk off through the forget-me-nots in the direction of the glass-house.

Much later...

No gardening - went to my chamber music group (yeay!) then visited the newish baby (who is full of smiles, foot-grabs, and roly polies). Just delightful to watch a youngling taking so much joy in movement. Came home refreshed, wished I (as an elderling) could point my toes better in my ballet classes.

 Inspecting the firewood logs from the Oak trees.
Buster the Cat

Thursday 26th October

This morning I tried to be more pointy-toed at ballet - it worked, except then the probability of my supporting leg wobbling was much increased, oops. But one can't have everything, right?

Anyway, I'm back home, there's a big gusty wind blowing, the birds are chirping noisily, the honey bees and bumbles are busy, and the flowering shrubs look wonderful. The garden has gone 'bouff', as gardens do. Love it.

Ten minutes later...

Blast! It's so windy. I've been over at the pond raking out rotting debris. The noise is deafening, the atmosphere very aggressive and unpleasant. Have retreated, will try again in an hour's time.

A bit later...

Harden up, Princess, I said to myself. First of all I sat down and cleared the edge of the Septic Tank Garden and the Jelly Bean Border. It looks great.

 By the Septic Tank Garden.
Wheelbarrow at Work

Then I went back to the pond, sliced out some weedy grasses, replaced two rogue fishing gnomes with their friends, and raked out a lot more sludge etc. What a stinky mess! Am very proud of myself. And the wind did calm down.

 Fishing Club on the left, Book Club on the right.
Clearing the Pond Path

Now my meal is cooking and my non-alcohol wine is poured. Just need to change my pond-stinky gardening pants. And guess who's just appeared and is prancing around my computer as I write this? Darling Buster. I reckon she's been spying on me.