What day of the week is it?

 So pretty!
Prunus nigra Blossom

Good morning to day eight of lockdown. Remind me - what day of the week is it? Ah - Wednesday. Would usually be going to two choir rehearsals tonight. Yippee! Can have a night at home, after another satisfying, hard-working gardening day, with no cafe lunch distractions, hee hee.

Not looking for my loppers...

Started the day by wandering around with the camera. Tried to be a trickster, pretending not to look for my lost loppers, so I might just spot them somewhere in the greenery. Nope. Blast! Really need to find them!

My fingers have certainly worked hard, operating the edging shears and the dressmaking scissors, and doing lots of scoopy small-scale weeding. I've worked my way around the top of the Island Bed, trimming Miscanthus grasses and Phormiums. I've widened the path into the Hump, cleared it of Periwinkle and Lamium, and dug out more old Anemanthele grasses.

 The Island Bed is the garden on the right, above the house.
The Driveway Lawn

Came inside mid-afternoon and almost went to sleep with Lilli-Puss on my lap. Could have called it a day, but no! Am made of sterner stuff. Went back out for an hour, and did lovely little tasks. Potted up some lupins (rescued from the driveway), some pelargonium cuttings (which had been rooted in water), and pieces of a silver Astelia. Used up my only bag of potting mix, which I had been saving for something special. Lupins, Pelargoniums, and Astelias are special, then!

 The older ones are coming out.
Messy Anemanthele Grasses

Next day...

So if yesterday was - wait a minute - ah yes, Wednesday - then today must be - Thursday? There's so little difference! And let's face it - the garden doesn't have a clue what day of the week it is. Or which week it is anyway. All that matters is the length of the day and the direction of the wind. Oh, and the kind, nurturing attentions of the gardener. Or not? I hope my garden never finds my scraping and poking around too annoying.

So what do I feel like doing today? Gardening! Have just sat on the purple chairs thinking. Where would I rather be? In some motor home parked up by a lake with nothing to do except read books and eat? No thankyou.

Much later...

Another long day spent pottering away doing this and that. I knocked down rotten pieces of a fence, and sawed down Pittosporums which were in the wrong place. Goodbye, old climbing Iceberg rose, RIP. Dug out a lot of seedling Berberis, and yet more Anamenthele - uncovered a prostrate Camellia and several pretty clumps of white and off-white Hellebores.

 Have uncovered several clumps.
White Hellebores

Pruned a few more roses. Finished my day by planting four new Lavenders in the Laundry Garden. Another seven hour day, and am very proud. Looking back at the list, it doesn't read like seven hours' work. Oh well. Maybe I did drift around a bit in the middle of the day. And I threw Winnie's ball for her, and took some photographs.