The issue of my confidence...

Today I am working on the issue of my confidence. I CAN do big things in my garden. Mind you, I'm good at thinking big ideas, particularly when bed-gardening, snug under the blankets. Now I just need to get on with the 'doing'.

 One of the last trees to turn colour.
Autumn in the Driveway

Friday 21st May

So I will start clearing the site for my kitset garden shed, which arrives any day (Non-Gardening Partner is still 'humphing' a bit). I need to saw down a few things - just Pittosporums, nothing major. And Pittosporums can't really be transplanted successfully. Stones from the old path will be shifted, and the ground raked level. I will measure out the area first - tape measure, I think, rather than stomping out erratic older-lady gardener strides...

I will also, at the same time, be systematically bonfire burning. Today this involves wheeling out rubbish from behind the pond (near to the site of the shed). The pond-side path to the Pump-House will be cleared and widened, and dead tree branches picked up. A quick diameter check - then on the firewood pile or into the fire. Ha! It all sounds terribly easy...

 On the fence-line.
New Agapanthgus Garden

Hurray For Agapanthus

And just the tiniest of thoughts - if I need a break I can plant some more Agapanthus to fill up the new corner of the Frisbee Lawn Garden. Hurray for the mass planting of Agapanthus near gum and pine trees.

A Bit Later...

Blast. All my plans, a new journal page because there would be SO many things done to write about... I am too slow! I've slurped a coffee, changed into my warm wintry gardening gear, launched myself outside, and discovered heavy rain. But there is hope - the skies to the south are less grey - so I'm going to wait five minutes. And then, rain or no rain, I will do something.

A Bit Later...

Blast. All my plans... I've slurped a coffee, changed into my warm wintry gardening gear, launched myself outside, and retreated as the rain suddenly came down. But there is hope - the skies to the south are less grey - so I'm going to wait five minutes. And then, rain or no rain, I will do something.

Ha! Four Smoky Hours Even Later...

My fire is gurgling with over sixteen barrowfuls of rubbish. Rusty the dog has been faithfully following me around - down to the pond, up to the bonfire, back to the pond, back to the bonfire... It's certainly better than being slumped in an armchair, dog-bored. Now I'm having a coffee and a think, namely the following: I think the shed will fit without any major tree surgery - just maybe a Phormium and a few Agapanthus, and they'll pop out really easily. So it's burning only today.

 Hee hee...
Autumn Gnome Colour

Saturday 22nd May

I've just spent another four hours raking, filling the trailer (twice), and burning. It's been hard work for the Moosey older-lady arms (which had already been swimming for an hour). My objective today was to start cleaning up the interior of the Hump. An easy task, but not terribly inspiring to write about. Meanwhile Non-Gardening Partner, keen to escape helping, has been cleaning out the spouting, and having mad-dog barking competitions with Rusty.

Autumn Leaf-Fall

Some of the autumn leaves which I photographed rosy red on the dogwood tree just a few days ago have dropped. Various flowering cherries are now joining the leaf-fall, and some of my little Maples are colouring up fiercely. Four weeks (and a bit) to the winter solstice - I can't believe how quickly the gardening time is flowing by.

 Hello Percy!
Percy the Ginger Cat

Congratulations to the Cats

Some words of congratulations to the Moosey cats are in order. Sifter (if I can find the original print photograph) is to be featured in publicity in Washington State, helping find safe barn homes for cats that have been in a TRN programme (Trap, Neuter, Return). I've worked with feral cat colonies here, and TRN is (in my opinion) the only humane option, so I am thrilled to help.

Inspiration for Art

Other cats are to be the inspiration for a printmaker in England. I am so proud - you cats are all heroes! Even Sifter, who stayed with us while it suited him, and then wandered off on a whim. And you, fat and faithful Tiger, senior Moosey cat - and you, little Minimus, smallest of adult cats, with a name to match.

Sunday 23rd May

Today I'm locking Tiger the cat out of the house - she's having some compulsory outdoor exercise. Tiger is the only Moosey cat who lurks inside on warm, sunny autumn days. Every half hour or so she waddles into the kitchen to check the pantry doors - some fool may have left the clip off the door handles.

Five Burning Hours Later...

I am apres-gardening, very tired and very proud. Five hours!

 Aargh! Five hours later...
Starting the Day's Burning

That's two complete trailer loads, plus about eight random wheelbarrowfuls - I've done a cosmetic raking in the Hen House Garden, and scooped up more burnable rubbish from underneath the Leyland hedge. I've also trimmed all the Ligularias, Dahlias, and summer Phloxes near the bonfire. I notice that Lamium has crept away from the fence (where it's allowed) and spread the cutest little plants right through the garden to one side of the pergola. But I wasn't in the mood for weeding it out.

 What a lovely big cat he is...
Fluff-Fluff in the Autumn Leaves

The cats have been great - particularly Fluff-Fluff who has been lolling in the perennial garden just out of range of the smoke. And of that there's been lots. And lots! I have breathed in a bit (how silly is smoking a cigarette, I ask myself) - the wind has been a bit variable in direction.

 Graham Thomas, Sharifa Asma, and an unknown yellow.
Three Scruffy Autumn Roses

And now, warm, clean and smokefree, I am going to have a cup of hot coffee and look at my photographs. For yes, I have taken lots, of my burning day - plus a few roses which are looking scruffy but beautiful.